Respecting the limit

Respecting the Limit

The monks of Sceta met under the guidance of the
abbot Paulus:

"We will begin a fast today," said Father Paulus. And only
 we will be finished when we are ready to have the vision of an angel.

For several days, the monks only drank water and prayed. 

They were so excited about Paulus's proposal that they did not suffer from hunger. 
Until, at the end of the first week, an old monk began to feel ill. 

Paulus realized that the the man was about to die, and he decided to immediately stop the fast.

At this moment, an angel appeared to the group and said:

- It is important that you understand the meaning of discipline and sacrifice. 
But it's better that they know the limits of nature. 
You do not need to violate this limit to get what they want.


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